Seafood and Crustaceans
Oysters with Red Wine and Sjalots vinaigrette
Oysters Fines de Claires €3,50 each or €18,50 for 6

The Sea on a Platter; Mussels, Shrimps, North Sea crab & 2 Oysters Fines de Claires a €29,50 (per person with a minimum order of 2)
Additional ½ lobster €19,50 (per person)

(served with special rustic bread)

Bouillabaisse; Southern French Fish Soup from Marseille served with Croutons and Rouille €15,50
Onion soup; French onion soup served with a croûton with Gruyére €9,50
Foie Gras; Terrine made of Goose Liver served with Fig chutney €24,50
Canapé Mediterrané – Luxury French toast topped with grilled vegetables,
pesto & burrata €14,50

Paté de Campagne; Rustic pate served with Onion Chutney, pickled baby Gherkins  €14,50
Saumon Fumé; Smoked Salmon served with Toast, Horseradish, Parsley,
Capers and Onions €15,50
Cassolette de Scampis; pan with 8 large shrimps with garlic and red pepper €19,50
Demi Homard; ½ Lobster served with head of Lettuce and Lemon Mayonnaise €22,50
Salade César; Salad with grilled Chicken, Anchovis, Bacon, Egg and Croutons €15,50
Salade de Betteraves & Chèvre; Salad with Beetroot, Goat Cheese,
Honey and roasted Nuts €14,50
Escargots de Bourgogne; Snails (8) from Burgundy in Garlic Butter €17,50
Croquettes de Crevettes; Shrimp Croquettes served with fried Parsley and Lemon Mayonnaise €18,50
Steak Tartare; cutted and prepared beef on a classic French style €15,50

(served with French fries, lettuce and a French dressing)

Entrecote; served with Pepper or Bearnaise Sauce €27
Filet Pur; tournedos served with Pepper or Bearnaise Sauce €32
Steak Tartare; cutted and prepared beef on a classic French style €24,50
Hamburger; served on a brioche with lettuce, caramalised onion and tomato €19,50

Sole Meuniere; Sole from the Northsea fried in Butter €42,50
Homard Bellevue; THE Classic Recipe; Boiled and served with Cocktail Sauce €43,50
Bouillabaisse; Southern French Fish Soup from Marseille served as main dish with Croutons and Rouille €27,50
Moules Marinières; Mussels in Garlic, Thyme, White Wine and Parsley €24

Burger Végétarien; Vegetarian Burger served on a Brioche with Lettuce, Caramelised Onion and Tomato and French Fries €19,50
Pâtes Farcies; Tortellini filled with a crème of Burrata and Lime served with a creamy Sage Sauce €23

Dish of the Day € 24,50

Accompanying Dishes

special Rustic Bread and Olive oil  €5,50
Salad; Lettuce with French Dressing €5,50
Haricots verts; slightly blanched green beans €5,50
French Fries; with homemade Mayonnaise €5,50

Crème Brulée; Vanilla Crème with a Crusty Sugar Layer €9,50
Tarte au Pommes; french apple pie with vanilla ice cream €11,50
Tarte au Citron; Tartlet filled with Lemon Creme and Merengue €12
Tarte aux Framboises; Artisan raspberry pie €9,50
Moulleux au Chocolat (20 min); Hot runny Chocolate Tartlet with Raspberry Sauce €9,50Les Fromages; Cheese from Fromagerie Guillaume €13
Dame Blanche – vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce
& whipped cream €9,50
Macaron from the neighbour, Dutch Homemade €2,75