During the period that we are only allowed to receive guests on our terrace,
we serve dishes from the lunch menu plus Dover sole and Homard Bellevue.

Seafood and Crustaceans
Oysters with Red Wine and Sjalots vinaigrette
Oysters Fines de Claires €3 each or €16 for 6
The Sea on a Platter; Mussels, Shrimps, North Sea crab & 2 Oysters Fines de Claires a €29,50 (per person with a minimum order of 2)
Bellevue Platter; additional ½ lobster €19,50 (per person)

(served with special rustic bread)
Soupe à l’Oignon; Classic French onion soup topped with cheese €8,50
Bouillabaisse; Southern French Fish Soup from Marseille served with Croutons and Rouille €14,50
Fois Gras; Terrine made of Goose Liver served with a Jelly made with Sauternes €21
Paté de Campagne; Rustic pate served with Onion Chutney, pickled baby Gherkins and Bread €12,50
Saumon Fumé; Smoked Salmon served with Toast, Horseradish, Parsley, Capers and Onions €13,50
Demi Homard; ½ Lobster served with head of Lettuce and Lemon Mayonnaise €20
Salade César; Salad with grilled Chicken, Anchovis, Bacon, Egg and Croutons €14,50
Salade de Betteraves & Chèvre; Salad with Beetroot, Goat Cheese, Honey and roasted Nuts €12,50
Escargots de Bourgogne; Snails (8) from Burgundy in Garlic Butter €12,50
Croquettes de Crevettes; Shrimp Croquettes served with fried Parsley and Lemon Mayonnaise €15
Steak Tartare; cutted and prepared beef on a classic French style €14,50

(served with French fries, lettuce and a French dressing)

Entrecote; served with Pepper or Bearnaise Sauce €25
Filet Pur; tournedos served with Pepper or Bearnaise Sauce €29
Confit de Canard; Duck confit with sauerkraut & truffle jus €24,50
Steak Tartare; cutted and prepared beef on a classic French style €24,50

Sole Meuniere; Sole from the Northsea fried in Butter €39
Homard Bellevue; THE Classic Recipe; Boiled and served with Cocktail Sauce €39,50
Bouillabaisse; Southern French Fish Soup from Marseille served as main dish with Croutons and Rouille €27,50
Moules Marinières; Mussels in Garlic, Thyme, White Wine and Parsley €22

Burger Végétarien; Vegetarian Burger served on a Brioche with Lettuce, Caramelised Onion and Tomato and French Fries €16,50
Pâtes Farcies; Tortellini filled with a crème of Burrata and Lime served with a creamy Sage Sauce €19

Dish of the Day € 23,50

Accompanying Dishes
special Rustic Bread and Olive oil from Nicolas Alziari €4,50
Salad; Lettuce with French Dressing €4,50
Haricots verts; slightly blanched green beans €4,50
French Fries; with homemade Mayonnaise €4,50

Crème Brulée; Vanilla Crème with a Crusty Sugar Layer €8,50
Dame Blanche; Vanilla Ice Cream served with hot pure Callebaud Chocolate Sauce and whipped Cream €8
Tarte au Citron; Tartlet filled with Lemon Creme and Merengue €9,50
Moulleux au Chocolat (20 min); Hot runny Chocolate Tartlet with Raspberry Sauce €9
Les Fromages; Cheese from Fromagerie Guillaume €12
Macaron from the neighbour, Dutch Homemade €2,75